Gene Moore

He was a baseball prodigy. At the age of fifteen, Gene Moore was a boy, playing like a man, in a game where men, play like boys.

Headed for baseball stardom with the Brooklyn Dodgers, his destiny was interrupted by
Pearl Harbor.
His life... and
maybe our
would be
forever altered.

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"Down Not Out"

by Michael Puleo

Verse 1
I donít know where Iím going, canít remember where Iíve been
Seen a lot of things, I donít care to see again
Lord I only wish I knew, who to call a friend

I may be down, but I ainít out
I got three strikes, but Iím not gone
I may be down, but I ainít out
Iíll get up again before Iím done

Verse 2
Lifeís a funny thing, with all its twists and turns
Momma always told me, play with fire youíll get burned
Thatís a lesson that Iím sure I never learned

Verse 3
You see you never know what God has got in store
Even though I dreamed and prayed for what I thought was so much more
Now I realize, I got more than I asked for

Additional or optional verse
Itís true what goes around, comes around some day
The world is always changing, home seems so far away
What donít kill you makes you stronger they say


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