Gene Moore

He was a baseball prodigy. At the age of fifteen, Gene Moore was a boy, playing like a man, in a game where men, play like boys.

Headed for baseball stardom with the Brooklyn Dodgers, his destiny was interrupted by
Pearl Harbor.
His life... and
maybe our
would be
forever altered.

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Audio Book

We enthusiastically decided to make this Playing with the Enemy audio edition more than just spoken words from the page, but to provide a unique and entertaining perspective on the story.

  • The narration of the Playing with the Enemy, chapters 1, 40 and 42 are read by author Gary W. Moore. As these chapters are written in first person as Gary recounts the events leading up to the revealing conversation with his father, the conversation and the recounting of his fatherís final day, there was no one else who could capture the emotion of the events.

  • The story of Gene Moore is read by stage and screen actor, Toby Moore, true life grandson of Gene. Toby will also star in the leading role of Gene in Playing with the Enemy the movie.

  • Making a unique guest appearance is Eleanor Roosevelt, as a recording of her historic December 7, 1941 speech is inserted as the Moore family listens intently to the calming words of our nationís First Lady.

  • Finally, a careful recreation of newscasts as heard in movie theaters during the war are used to set the stage for the events of this story.

All in all, we believe we have added an additional and exciting dimension to this award winning and heart-warming tale. The folks at Oasis Audio have done a tremendous job of crafting these words into a multidimensional and entertaining listening event. We hope you will enjoy this audio edition of Playing with the Enemy as much as we had in producing it for you. Buy Now!

Creating the Audio Book

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The audio book is sold for $25.99 and will be autographed by both the author and reader, Gary Moore and Toby Moore. Buy Now!

Gary will happily travel and speak, sign books, and answer questions anywhere in North America. Email Sarah Keeney and ask for Gary to attend your function!


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